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Club Facts

  • Established in 1996
  • Average of 1 club event (cruises) each month (typically more)
  • Club meets the first Thursday evening at 7:30 each month (except Jun-Aug) at The Englander Pub in San Leandro, CA (Prospective members always welcome to attend!)

Golden Gate Goats Club Constitution

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section of our website, we make a valiant attempt to answer questions sent to us by club members and site visitors. If you have a question about our club, cars or events and would like a totally confusing, clear as mud answer, email your question to our club President, John Mekisich at mitygto@aol.com

What years and models qualify as Golden Gate Goat Club Cars?

Our Club Cars are defined as, “All models of 1964 through 1974 Pontiac GTO, LeMans and Tempest automobiles.” This traces back to a meeting on October 5, 1996 at Lyons Restaurant in San Mateo where approximately 20 folks gathered to talk about starting a San Francisco Bay Area GTO car club. Among those at that meeting were owners of LeMans and Tempests as well as GTOs. We decided to include these car years and models at the same time we agreed to officially form a car club.

Do you have to own a Club Car to be a club member?

NO. The club is open to folks who are enthusiasts of these cars. Some members are looking to buy a Club Car, others have sold their Club Car but still want to remain members of the club, and still others have “gonna be” Club Cars (usually found under a big blue tarp surrounded by boxes of car parts and other stuff). In fact, Mr. John Mekisich, the man who founded the club and was our President ran meetings and came to events – WITHOUT OWNING A CLUB CAR! He was, and still is, the very definition of an enthusiast of these terrific cars.

Do you have to have a Club Car to attend club events?

NO! Half the time they aren't working or are not all there. I'm talking about Club Cars now, not club officers. So we rarely require members to bring a Club Car to participate in our events. The rare exceptions where Club Cars were required have been parades and some car shows where the event management (not your club officers or other club members) have requested only Club Cars be used.

Can other classic cars and new GTOs come to club events?

YES. Our club events are open to all club members, their family and friends. We don't care if you drive a '63 Corvette, an old Dodge without a Hemi, a new Dodge with a Hemi, a “KID” (new age GTO), a Volvo, a Datsun or even an Aztec. As long as what you drive manages to get you to the event on time, you will have fun!

Keep in mind, at ALL our events we do try to park the Club Cars together – because they represent the club to the general public, and because it looks cool. When we cruise, we also try to keep the Club Cars together in a pack – again, because it looks so cool! ALL non-Club Cars, no matter how cool they are park nearby – typically only one row away. And, when we cruise, we ask all non-Club Cars to cruise right behind the Club Car pack (keeping a safe distance from any pieces or parts that may fly off the pack, of course).

Club Contacts

John Mekisich

Vice President
Skip Hendricks

Open Position

Mike LaCombe

Newsletter Editor
Jim Lent

Terry Liu

Car Facts Manager
Mike LaCombe

Vendor Discount Manager
Joseph Coy

New Member Welcome Manager

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