Vol. 8 - #10 Monthly newsletter of the GOLDEN GATE GOATS 

October - 2003


 Club Meeting
7:00 p.m (6:30 p.m. Dinner)

Harry's Hof Brau
1909 El Camino Real
Redwood City






OMIGODITSGOOD! Recipe Corner  








Howdy Folks,

Well it certainly seems that Indian Summer has arrived, been plenty warm lately.

Next meeting coming up at Harry's in Redwood City on Wednesday October 1st.

We can get caught up on Cherry's, and Altamont Cruisers show and look forward to and discuss our upcoming Picnic on Oct 18th. It is the time of year to start thinking about our events for next year, Officer Elections and any other club business you may want to discuss. Upcoming meeting agendas to go something like this. October lets discuss if you want any changes to your Officers, GGuys 2004 and the future direction of our club. Are we doing what YOU want? Are there things YOU would like to do that we are not doing? November let us begin our event selection process for 2004. Group discussion for potential events. We can dedicate the bulk of the meeting for this. December lets go NO MEETING as we did last year. Jan 04, we can have a special meeting for the purpose of next years event selection. Bosco's has worked well for this the last couple of years and we can discuss if we want to return there again next year. Jan 10th or 11th 2004 looks good for this, plenty of time to decide.

That covers everything for now..........see ya in the fast lane...............



Date: Wednesday, September 3, 2003

Note Taker:  Barb Davis

  Date/Location:     Harry’s Hofbrau, San Leandro , CA. 7:00 PM

Club Officers  2003

John Mekisich  President-not present at today’s meeting

Russ Louthian  Vice president

Al Harris         Treasurer

Barb Davis      Secretary

Jim Lent           News Letter Editor


Everyone introduced themselves and welcomed the new members to our club.


  1. Al Harris gave treasures report. As of Sept 3rd, our balance is $7205.00.

  2. Jim Lent talked about upcoming event at Cherry’s Jubilee in Monterey. Jim will send an e-mail regarding meeting locations and the event at the Flynn’s house.

  3. Jimmy Sanderson shared information about the Del Valle picnic on Saturday, October 13th. Rain or shine event. You can bring your regular car.. Camping, swimming, rental boating available at the park.  Bring raffle gift. Club voted to have proceeds from raffle to go to Ed Cudney and the USO. Silent auction will be held. This is our thank you to Ed and all the people that served our country. RSVP to  Jimmy Sanderson before Oct 9th. Please bring a share dish. Details to follow in newsletter.

  4. Russ Louthian discussed hosting the GoodGuys event in June 04. It was decided that we need to let the GoodGuys staff know our feelings on how things went last year, problems that occurred.  Goodguys moved the barbeque pit. Barbeque will be in the same area as it was this year.

  5. Altamont Crusiers are having a car show September 28th. Alan and Julie Blake have invited the club to their house for barbeque and swimming after the show. Please RSVP to the Blakes.

  6. Russ Louthian talked about the Santa Cruz parade on the 1st Saturday in Dec. Dec 6th. Donations would go to Second Harvest Food bank. The club will give a donation to this event. More details to follow.

  7. Next meeting to be held  Wednesday, October 5th at Harry’s Hofbrau in Redwood City. 7:00 PM.  





Cherry's is our favorite car show. You have no doubt heard about it. Well, this was our recent experience.

We met Thursday morning in San Jose , one of several groups headed for Monterey. It is always exciting to hear 12 GTOs going down the road together. The trip to Albonetti's restaurant for lunch on Fisherman's wharf in Monterey was uneventful, thanks to Jim Lent’s leading the caravan.

After lunch it was on to the Andril Fireplace cottages where we checked in and rested before going the the Flynn's house for tri-tip dinner and karaoke. The Righteous Brothers, Ken and Dale Davis, sang "You've Lost that Lovin Feelin", and Deidre Stipanov sang " I Got You Babe" to hubby Mark, but my favorite was John Phillips breakdance. Quite a sight!

Friday morning we were awakened @ 5:15 by John Phillips and Tom Stanger firing up their cars to take them to the show downtown. The rest of us, later, went on the poker run. I don't think anyone came close to winning the $1000 prize.

That afternoon was filled with general laughing and tom foolery. There was high excitement, however, when Dale and Anita returned from their walk on the beach, as she was wearing a new engagement ring. Many cheers and toasts.

People went to different restaurants for dinner that night. We went for a short walk to the Fish Wife restaurant. Please note that Albonetti's is better. There was also a birthday party, for tom Stanger, during the day and to everyone's delight, Julie Blalock cut the cake.

Saturday is the car show @ Laguna Seca and all the GTOs met at the entrance. Lolly Mayeda came running over and gave Mary and I big hugs. Then all 20+ GTOs drove in and parked together. Breakfast consists of pancakes which are tossed to the crowd by the cooks and you catch them in your plate and big slabs of ham which are at the table.

One of my favorite things are the Hot Laps. You ride shotgun in specially prepared Porsches. My driver John had a 911 with a big air foil. I knew it was going to be good when he asked the magic question. "What kind of ride do you want from mild to wild?" Guess what I chose. We passed several cars with the most exciting part being the corkscrew.

They also have parade laps where you can take your own car out on the track. Stuart Cole was having apoplexy when he returned. He had high hopes of airing out his 428 tri-power on the straightaway, but was put behind a very slow 1956 Ford. His fiancee, Carmen, tried to find a bright spot by saying, "They took our picture in the corkscrew", but he was having none of it.

GTO owners share their ideas. With so many in one place I asked Keith McLelland, owner of "Lemanster" a very quick Lemans, and Jim Edwards, who has a gold '67, for tips on cooling down my always hot running goat. They were a big help.

After the show, back at Andril Cottages, Tom Stanger & Mark Stipanov put together a New York steak barbecue. The spouses supplied the trimmings and it was excellent.

After the dinner, groups either went for a walk on the nearby beach, (that's what we did), or they went downtown to the dance. It was apparently great, because our group stayed until the band gave out.

We had a long trip ahead of us, (Portland), so we got up to leave early. There were already several people getting their cars ready for the trip back as well. We shook some hands, got some hugs, and took off.

For me, Cherry's could best be summed up by what I overheard Russ Louthian say on Friday afternoon. He looked around at the collective people in the center courtyard at Andril's, then at the beautiful tall pine trees surrounding our cottages. To no one in particular, he said, "You know, Hot August Nights is big and its great, but this is the best."


Larry Holt


Car of the Month article assignments


Articles, with at least three pictures, should be sent to:


Jim Lent
118 Iris Court
Hercules, CA 94547

or email




The GGGOATS frequently uses an email list to get out information about events that may not have been available when the newsletter went to press.

This has proved very useful and, if you have an email account, you might want to join the list. Sometimes people change their email accounts and forget to let us know. If you would like to join or rejoin the list then please send me an email with your correct email address.

Please send additions or corrections to:







Please contact Jim Lent with any name, address, phone number or vehicle corrections or changes. (510) 799-6096.



118 Iris Court

Hercules, CA 94547







For those who want to end their day with food and fun, the Blake's and Sanderson's invite you to a post car show BBQ at the Blake's home immediately following the Altamont Cruisers Nostalgia Day on Sunday Sept 28th, 2003 in Livermore. Everyone is welcome to come over any time after Noon to the Blake's home. Swimming pool available (last year it was 106 degrees in Livermore) so bring your swim suit. We also have a hot tub in case the weather changes.

There will be incredible grilled meat from Bobby Lee's Smoke House in Hayward. Come over immediately following the car show and have some good food and fun! All we ask is for you to bring your own drinks and all else be provided. Bring your family and your friends (kids welcome).

Please RSVP no later than Sept 14th to so we can get a firm headcount.


Location: 2358 Westminster Way, Livermore (925)373-9610 Yahoo Map


The Blake and Sanderson Families


Annual Golden Gate Goats Club Picnic

Oct. 18th at Del Valle East Bay Regional Park in Livermore




Please Remember RSVP to: , or phone 925-455-4702, no later than Oct 11th, 2003 with how many people (adults & children) you'll be bringing.


We will meet at the Albertsons parking lot in Livermore. Take the North Livermore Ave. exit, from 580 and turn right. Go down about a half mile or so on the right at Portola and N. Livermore Ave. Starbucks is adjacent.

Meeting time 9:45AM

Cruise to the park @ 10:00 AM


Take 580 E. to the N. Livermore exit. Follow N. Livermore through town and it will turn into S. Livermore. Take S. Livermore until it ends and veers left onto Tesla. Take Tesla about 1/2 mile to Mines Rd. Turn right on Mines and follow it until it splits off (about 2.5 miles). Veer right and follow Del Valle Road into the park. The park entrance is about 5 miles from where you turn off Tesla onto Mines. Pay your entry fee ($6 per car) and turn right immediately after entering the park just past the gate. Follow the road until you see the Agua Vista picnic area on the left. Park your car right in front of the picnic area.

Please bring family and friends (children most welcome) to the GGGoat's Annual Picnic at Livermore Valley's beautiful Del Valle Regional Park on Oct 18th, 2003. There will be lot's of family activities and loads of fun! Lay on the beach, swim in the lake, take a paddle boat out, hike through the hills, go on the wine cruise, catch some fish, win prizes in the horse shoe tournament, toss a Frisbee, fly a kite with your children, or just laze around and enjoy the fabulous scenery in the beautiful surroundings. Their will be plenty of parking right next to the picnic area so bring your car.

Del Valle is one of the East Bay's hidden jewels with a beach area for swimming, rental boats, plenty of campsites if you want to camp over, and beautiful scenery and nature to enjoy. Located just a few miles South of Livermore in the surrounding hills and minutes from all the Livermore Valley Wineries ( There are plenty of local Hotels if you wish to stay over Or golf locally at the Championship Poppy Ridge or Wente Golf Courses.

Please RSVP to, or phone 925-455-4702, no later than Oct 11th, 2003 with how many people (adults & children) you'll be bringing.


Location: Del Valle East Bay Regional Park -

Date: Oct 18, 2003
Time: Begin 10:30am till park closes (5pm)

Eat: Around Noon

Raffle: TBA

Wine Cruise: Approx. 2pm (optional)

Club Provides:

- pork tenderloin
- grilled sausages
- condiments
- plates, napkins, utensils
- surprise goodie bag (goodies from local businesses and City of Livermore)

Members Provide:

- $6 Park entry fee per car
- one or more side dishes
- their own drinks
- unwrapped raffle gift $1 each, $5 for 6, $10 for 12 (receive 1 free raffle ticket for each gift you bring)


- 50/50 raffle (50% to club 50% to winner) - $1 each, $5 for 6, $10 for 12
- wine cruise (optional)
- horse shoe tournament
- swimming
- boating
- fishing
- paddle boats
- hiking
- plenty of room to bring your Frisbee, badminton, horse shoes, kites, etc.
- camping if you want to make it a full weekend






Hi Everyone,




The perfect item for all those Halloween ghouls arriving at the end of the month!

OK - So you want to know the secret to Sandy's fudge brownie recipe. Well, don't let her know I told you but, while the recipe is pretty easy. However, it does require you to follow these steps EXACTLY to get the perfect result.

Sandy Louthian's Supercharged Fudge Brownie Recipe

Step 1.

Get in the GTO and go to Safeway. Make sure you take a scenic route that takes you past the house where that kid with the souped up Honda lives. That way you can leave a you leave a patch of rubber and show him what a real muscle car looks and sounds like.

Step 2.

At Safeway, purchase the Safeway Fudge Brownie Mix. Use your club card so you can get it cheap and have enough money left over to buy gas for the trip home.

Step 3.

On the way home go past the kid with the Honda again but this time have your passenger moon him. (NOTE: It is best to skip this step if you don't have a passenger with you, trust me it is VERY difficult to moon and drive at the same time).

Step 4.

Follow the preparation instructions on the back of the package. Use only one egg for the best results (the package says you can use 3 eggs for "cake-like" brownies, but I think they are more "dust-like" so use just one egg).

Step 5.

Once the brownies have finished baking, let them cool and then cover them in their baking pan with aluminum foil.

Step 6. (Here's the secret!)

Put the pan of brownies in the trunk of the GTO and park the car out in the sun (at some event like Warm Summer Daze or the Good Guys) for 5 hours.

Now they are ready to serve and, boy-howdy, are they ever good.









Welcome to these new members who have joined the
Golden Gate Goats
this month.
We look forward to meeting you at our club events.

Russell Kaul Martinez
Sam & Alene Hedgpeth Los Altos 1968 LeMans
Rick & Jan Reynolds Gardnerville, NV 1965 H.T.
Robert Arthur Columbia 1966 H.T.
Arnoldo Diaz Millbrae 1969 Convertible
Daniel & Rhonda Mondragon Monterey 1966 Convertible
Steven Hudson Alamo 1970 GTO