Vol. 7 - #10 Monthly newsletter of the GOLDEN GATE GOATS 

OCTOBER - 2002


 Meeting at Harry's Hofbrau
 14900 E. 14th St, San Leandro
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Greetings Everyone,

Looks like Fall is in the air as I write this. Hope that those of you that attended the Altamont Cruisers Show and the post show BBQ at The Blake's had an outstanding time. The weather should have been just about perfect.

October is rapidly approaching and our next meeting is on the Oct. 2nd at Harry’s in San Leandro. Lots of club business to discuss so please mark your calendars and plan to attend. Great news………Jim Wangers has accepted our invitation to return next year for Wangers 3 and we are in the process of locking in a date. We hope to have that done by October 2nd. Let’s use part of this upcoming meeting to put together an outline of what we would like this event to be. Jim Lent and I were talking just the other day and he had the thought of having a breakfast get together, a cruise and then have the show. Sounded good to me. GGG member Mark Kane has offered to host the event at his Dealership in San Leandro. Some of you I know had ideas of holding it other places, possibly in the Wine Country. Let us take the time to discuss these possibilities now. As has been club procedure for as long as I can remember, if you have an idea and the group likes it, please be prepared to volunteer as an event coordinator. Hope to see many of you there. The next 3 meetings as you know, define what GGG will be doing for next year and your input is welcome, welcome and welcome. Thank You !!!!

Our 6th Birthday is right around the corner on Saturday October 5th. This is the date for the South Bay Discovery Poker Run. Details in this newsletter and we will spend time at this meeting talking it up some more.

This event looks to be a great opportunity to get the cars out, see some interesting places close to where we live and spent time with your fellow members. I have been looking forward to it for quite sometime.

That gets us through the month of October………

See ya in the fast lane;


Car of the Month article assignments

October…Jack Fabrique, Woodrow Means and Karl Vorsatz.

Articles, with at least three pictures, should be sent to:

  Jim Lent
118 Iris Court
Hercules, CA 94547
or email




The GGGOATS frequently uses an email list to get out information about events that may not have been available when the newsletter went to press.

This has proved very useful and, if you have an email account, you might want to join the list. Sometimes people change their email accounts and forget to let us know. If you would like to join or rejoin the list then please send me an email with your correct email address.

Please send additions or corrections to:







Please contact Jim Lent with any name, address, phone number or vehicle corrections or changes. (510) 799-6096.



118 Iris Court

Hercules, CA 94547




  1. John Mekisich introduced the new GGGoats GTO license plate holder. The price is $30.00.
  2. Jim Lent talked about the Cherries Jubilee event September 5th , 6th and 7th. All proceeds go to Salinas Valley Hospital. The Flynns will have a DJ for their Thursday night dinner.
  3. John Mekisich congratulated Jim Lent on the newsletter The Goat Connection.
  4. Russ Louthian informed the group about the South Bay Discovery Poker Run on October 5th. This is the 6th anniversary of the GGGoats. Tour of the San Jose area. Great prizes, discover unique locations. Just $6.00 for the Poker Run and a donation of food, pet toy or cash to the Santa Clara County Humane Society. NO RESERVATIONS NEEDED- JUST SHOW UP.
  5. Wayne and Jodi Barnes talked about the Western National Regional event in San Pedro. Wayne spoke with Jim Wangers and he asked if we were going to invite him back to speak to our club.
  6. The club discussed and decided to ask Jim Wangers to speak at an event next year. More discussion about event at next meeting.
  7. Russ Louthian gave us a report on the Day At The Races. We were committed to 50 people. We didn’t have enough club participation at that event. The club took a loss.
  8. Next meeting to be held in San Leandro at 7:00 PM October 2nd.



Cherry’s Jubilee for 2002 proved to be another great event. The weather for the weekend was just about perfect with the daytime temps in the mid 70s. Another real treat this year was almost no night time fog.

Several folks headed down on Thursday and we were invited to a BBQ dinner at Tom and Joanne Flynns’ house in Monterey. Tom and Joanne have been our great hosts for several years and this year they pulled out all the stops. We were treated to a Karaoke DJ, with many of us proving they couldn’t sing and also had trouble reading.

Everyone had a true blast on Thursday evening. We want to extend a special thanks to Tom & Joanne for hosting us in such special style.

Friday found us with a beautiful day for the poker run with no fog, no rain and no road construction. The trip through the 17 mile drive and down Hiway 1 was simply great. You just don’t get a much more beautiful drive. Friday night we returned to Billy Quon’s for dinner and then took a short cruise down Cannery Row. Saturday we are at the Laguna Seca Raceway for the show. Starts off with a BBQ Ham and pancake breakfast, hot laps in Porsches for those interested and also includes parade laps for all participants on the race track. Saturday night we are at the Convention Center for the dance. Dinner preceded at the Italian Festival or on the wharf.

Sunday is a do what you want day. Some folks returned to Laguna Seca to see Ken & Barb Davis get their “Best GM Muscle” award for their 1965 Convertible and Tom & Vicky Stanger’s “Widetrack” award for his 1962 Grand Prix.

Value, good times, breath taking scenery and proceeds going to benefit the Salinas Valley Memorial hospital are what has proven to be one of the most successful events that keep GGGoaters returning each year.



This year the show returned to downtown Livermore after a one year detour to Pleasanton. It has always been a well run show with the proceeds going to several charities. We had plenty of GTOs lining the streets and this proved to be one HOT SHOW! Unfortunately that was hot as in 106 degrees in downtown Livermore that day. But everyone perservered and tried to stay hydrated or maybe just get a little alcohol in their systems - purely for boil over protection you understand.

After the awards presentation we all headed to Alan & Julie Blake’s house for a fantastic BBQ event that included shade, an air conditioned house and a swimming pool. Alan served up some fantastic Q and Julie had our plates overflowing with salads, beans, dips and everything you could ask for.

We really want to thank Alan & Julie for sharing their home and warm hospitality with all of the GGGoat members who attended.



GOLDEN GATE GOATS BIRTHDAY South Bay Discovery Poker Run - Sat. Oct. 5, 2002

On your mark, get set for a poker run like no run you have ever been on before!

If you are like most folks who’ve been on poker runs at Cherry’s or HAN, you start to lose interest shortly after you pick your third card and realize you have absolutely no hope of winning anything. WELL NOT THIS TIME!

We’ve put an end to all that with this run because EVERY car entered gets a prize at EVERY STOP! That’s right, from registration to the five discovery stops, to the final drop off, a prize for every car at every stop - - seven goodie bags per car in all!

Plus, if you are lucky enough to have one of the winning hands, we have some great prizes for you. More on that later.

How much? In honor of our 6th Anniversary, just $6 per poker hand, plus a donation to the Santa Clara County Humane Society. Donations can range from a couple of cans of Alpo to a new cat collar (with bell, of course), to used blankets and towels. If you can’t decide on what donation to bring (or just forget), cash and checks are always greatly appreciated.

The run is designed to be an enjoyable drive throughout the South Bay and Silicon Valley. You’ll be on city streets to get those all-important thumbs up from the general public as you cruise by in your pride and joy. You’ll be on freeways so you can open her up and hear that big V8 rumble. And, you’ll be on some scenic roads so you can enjoy the beautiful autumn colors. Remember that this is not a race. So, if you want to stop and smell the flowers or take some pictures or learn more about one of the stops, feel free to go at your own pace - - as long as you complete the run by 3:00 PM.

Along the way you will visit unique locations, many undiscovered even by folks who live right here in the South Bay. We’ve selected the sites you’ll visit with the idea that once you’ve been there you’ll want to return on your own at a later date. What’s more each site has prepared a special get acquainted goodie bag for each car in our run.

No need to pay or register in advance. For now, just mark Saturday, October 5, 2002 on your calendar and meet us at 4th Street Bowl in San Jose for registration. JUST $6 + A DONATION TO THE SANTA CLARA COUNTY HUMANE SOCIETY per poker hand.


7:30 - 9:30 Breakfast

8:30 - 10:00 Registration Open

9:00 - First cars allowed to depart on run

3:00 - Discovery Run officially concludes

Poker hand winners will be telephoned and announced in the November Club Newsletter as well as on the Club Web site. Our goal, create an enjoyable driving event, showcase unique South Bay locations, and HAVE LOTS OF FUN!







Hi All, Today as I write this month's recipe is the first day of Fall. Still experiencing Indian Summer, but I know just around the corner as days are getting shorter I will be hungry for comfort food such as this.

A friend of mine passed this on to me and I have made it many times. Easy and oh so yummy. Hope you enjoy too!


Chicken Pie



1 Whole Chicken or equivalent
1 Onion Sliced
3 Garlic Cloves Crushed
Salt and Pepper
1 Tablespoon Oregano


Place all of the above in a large kettle and boil the chicken until meat is done and slides easily off of the bone. Let cool and remove fat from broth. Reserve broth for soup for another time.

De-bone chicken and discard skin. Chop meat into chunks then place in a large bowl.


1 can of either Cream of Mushroom or Celery soup
Salt and Pepper to taste

Mix well.

Pie Crust: Now this is the best part. This crust is very easy and always turns out and is so delicious. I guess it should since it has lots of real butter...


Mix 4 cups of Flour with 2 teaspoons of salt.
Cut in 1 1/2 cups of Butter till crust mixture is crumbly.
Add about 1/2 of ice water, and mix lightly till you create a dough. Add more water if needed. Form dough into a nice ball, kneading a few times
lightly floured board.
Cut in half, and roll 1st half out on floured board until proper size for your large pie plate.

Add Chicken mixture to pie. Roll 2nd half out, place on top, pierce top and crimp edges, cutting away excess.

Bake in preheated oven 45 minutes at 325 degrees. Let cool slightly, then serve.


I pre-cook diced potatoes, carrots and add onion and garlic, seasoning then add to chicken mixture prior to placing in pie. (Peas would be good too but John won't eat them. :*) Also, you can add sliced cheese or grated parmesan cheese if you like to chicken for a little change.

Enjoy! Very filling. All you need is a little salad and you are set!









Welcome to these new members who have joined the
Golden Gate Goats
this month.
We look forward to meeting you at our club events.

Mike & Linda Schneider Lafayette 1966 H.T.
Diann Schuldt Sebastopol 1969 H.T.
Nate Harold Santa Clara 1966 H.T.
Jimmy & Michelle Sanderson Livermore 1969 H.T.
Jimmy DeMartini Linden 1967 Tempest
Rick Jeffery Diablo
Al Rojas Fremont 1970 Convertible
Bob & Mercedes Warner Ukiah 1970 455 H.O. 4-spd
Mark Bissig San Jose 1968 H.T.