Vol. 7 - #3 Monthly newsletter of the GOLDEN GATE GOATS 

MARCH - 2002


 Wed., March 6 
Harry’s Hofbrau
 14900 E. 14th St, San Leandro

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Hello Everyone,

Club Treasurer Will Valle says that we are presently at 75% renewals. If you haven't renewed yet please remit asap so you won't miss out on anything. We made the GTOAA 25% membership qualifier and will continue to be an affiliated chapter for 2002. GTOAA thanks you for your support and invites all GGG members to join. Info. is in every newsletter.

Our last club event was a tour of the Reality Center at SGI. A preview was in last months newsletter and event chair Bob Doten has written an article for this newsletter describing the experience. To quote Jim Lent, it was VERY COOL !!!! Thanks Bob for making this happen!

Looking forward to March, our club meeting is at Harry’s in San Leandro on Wednesday March 6th. The agenda will include a preview of our Jim Wangers II event, GGuys June sign ups (We are the host club!!) and Will Valle will give his 2001 year end Treasurers Report. Should make for a full and productive meeting. Please plan to be there !!!!!!

Saturday March 16th is our Gigunda Tank Tour that was previewed in last months newsletter. Looks like another very interesting event.

March 23 & 24 is the first GGuys show of the year in Pleasanton. We can plan a meeting spot at our March meeting. That takes us through the month of March.

That about covers it for now, take care and see ya in the fast lane.



The GGGOATS frequently uses an email list to get out information about events that may not have been available when the newsletter went to press.

This has proved very useful and, if you have an email account, you might want to join the list. Sometimes people change their email accounts and forget to let us know. If you would like to join or rejoin the list then please send me an email with your correct email address.

Please send additions or corrections to:







Please contact Jim Lent with any name, address, phone number or vehicle corrections or changes. (510) 799-6096.



118 Iris Court

Hercules, CA 94547






1. Sign ups for June GoodGuys will start at the March 6th meeting. GGGoats will be the host.

2. Friday Feb 15th SGI Reality Center event coordinated by Bob Doten. Bob Doten overviewed the event. There is room for 28 people. Sign up sheet was passed around. It was suggested to donate $5.00 per person for event. SGI could donate the money to their favorite charity. More details in the February Newsletter.

3. Ray Ibia spoke about the Gigunda Tank Tour on Saturday March 16th. Tour the Historic Military Vehicle Museum in Portola Valley. For those who want to attend, we will gather at the Alpine Inn. Map and directions in the February newsletter. Lunch Optional, rain or shine event.

4. Treasurer Will Valle, said that GTOAA Chapter of the GTO Association of America membership is at 23%. We currently have 43 members that belong to GTOAA. We have 166 paid members through the end of the year. We need 25% of club to be members. John Mekisich talked about the advantages.

5. There was a date change for the July Wine Cruise and BBQ at the Andersons in Sonoma. After the meeting, a new date was determined. That date is Sunday, July 21st.

6. Mark and Dedrie Stipanov will work with hotel in Sebastopol for those who want to stay the night after the cruise to Korbel on Saturday April 6th.

7. Wangers II event was discussed. The date has changed to May 18th. The Wangers group committed to the May 18th date. Bob Doten found a park in Walnut Creek (Civic park) to hold the event. There is parking for 50 cars. A hall for the presentation is available. The dinner for Saturday night was discussed. A Mexican food restaurant was suggested. The dinner would cost approximately $15.00 per person. Discussion on lunch was also conducted. Jim Wangers and crew will bring his 1966 GTO.

We still need to find out how many people will travel to the Friday night get together for Jim Wangers. Bob Doten will look into the hotels in the area.

8. Don’t forget to pay dues for 2002.

9. Next meeting to be held on Wednesday March 6th at Harry’s Hofbrau in San Leandro.




Watch Out!

Golden Gate Goats U-Turn Ahead - -

@ Change in Plans

After discussions with the fine folks at the Hornet, we discovered that next year would be an excellent year for a visit due to a number of special events that they have planned. So, rather than visit the Hornet three years in a row, Club member Ray Ibia has discovered a place you have to see to believe!


Golden Gate Goats Gigunda Tank Tour

Saturday, March 16th

N See over 140 Historic Military Vehicles

Jacques Littlefield, the President and Founder of the Military Vehicle Technology Foundation, has personally invited our club to visit one of the largest and most significant collections of historical military vehicles in the world!

We’re talking all kinds of tanks, armored cars, rocket launchers, amphibious vehicles, reconnaissance vehicles, experimental vehicles, and much more. Over 140 technically accurate and beautifully restored military vehicles in all, not counting the 50 or so other vehicles still in various stages of restoration - - and you thought your project took up garage space!

Mr. Littlefield established the Foundation in 1998. When asked why military vehicles, he responded, "I think they are more interesting than just cars or trucks. They have a number of different subsystems like hydraulics, radios, turrets, guns and optics. I like their complexity and the fact that they are BIG."

P Right in Our Own Backyard

Incredible as it may seem, this huge collection is located just a short drive away, on Mr. Littlefield’s 470-acre Pony Tracks Ranch in the town of Portola Valley, just off Alpine Road and Interstate 280, near the Stanford University.

U No Cost!

That’s right, this event is absolutely FREE to all GGG Club Members, family and friends!

Golden Gate Goats Gigunda Tank Tour

Agenda and Directions

^ 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM Lunch (Optional)

Enjoy lunch with your fellow club members in the casual atmosphere of the Alpine Inn Restaurant. Have a full meal or grab snack and a drink, either way Molly and Sam will have their place ready for us. Please keep in mind food and drinks are NOT ALLOWED at the Military Vehicle Technology Foundation. To get to the Alpine Inn, simply take the Alpine Road exit off Interstate 280 and go west toward Portola Valley for about 2 miles to Arastradero Road. The Alpine Inn is at 3915 Alpine Road, turn left at the corner of Arastradero to enter the parking lot. Lunch is an option on the agenda and is not hosted by the Club.

K 12:30 PM - 12:45 PM

The Golden Gate Goats will gather outside the Alpine Inn and at 12:45 PM sharp, we will caravan from the Alpine Inn to view the collection. Do not be late! We will exit the restaurant and then go left on Alpine about 1/2 mile to Los Trancos Road and turn left. We follow Los Trancos for about 2 miles and turn left again on Ramona. About 1/2 mile up Ramona we come to Vista Verde where we make yet another left. After about 1/4 mile we come to Old Spanish Trail Road where (you got it) we turn left. At the end of the road, the security gates will open for us and as we go in to the Pony Tracks Ranch, we keep to our right.

F 1:00 PM - 3:30 PM

We will be allowed to park free of charge in a secure, paved area in front of where our tour will take place. Then we will be given an in depth and behind the scene tour of the entire facility, escorted by the Foundation’s staff members. The vast majority of the display is indoors, but it is a warehouse, so dress warm if it’s a chilly day.

+ What You Need to Do

Show up with your family, friends, cameras and plenty of film. Be on time and have fun. That’s it. No cost, no RSVP, just show up. Remember this is a "Rain or Shine" event, so drive whatever vehicle suits you and the weather conditions. Our thanks (or should we say "Tanks") to Ray Ibia for coordinating and hosting this one of a kind event!

For more information about the collection, visit:


Golden Gate Goats and the Stipanov’s present Champagne and Lunch

Saturday April 6, 2002

(or Make it a weekend getaway to Sonoma County’s Wine Country)

Drive Thru Sebastopol….out to Bodega Bay ….past Goat Rock….along the Russian River…

Tour Korbel Champagne Cellars and Micro-Brewery….Then wait for it…

GTO’s Restaurant for a late lunch at 3pm.


And if you still want excitement, go to a little Show ‘n Shine/ Cruise in Santa Rosa at the Stony Point Grill (Presented by Cruisin’ North Car Club from 4pm till Dark)



9 to 10:00 am - Meet at Mark & Deidre Stipanov’s for coffee and pastries

6023 Lone Pine Rd, Sebastopol 707-829-1448

Email -

10:15 - Leave the Stipanov’s cruising towards Bodega Bay, drive along the coast towards Goat Rock and Jenner. If time allows, and you want, get a photo of your car at the Goat Rock sign. Then on to Korbel, passing through Monte Rio and Guerneville.

12:30 - Stage in front of Korbel and Take a tour of the champagne cellars and their micro-brewery. Then taste a little champagne, some of which can only be bought at Korbel.

2:30 - Leave Korbel and cruise to Sebastopol to GTO’s Seafood Restaurant.

3:00 - Lunch - enjoying Louisiana style seafood and the best Gumbo ever.

After lunch you are free to go get your motel room or cruise over to Santa Rosa for the show and shine or ?....

Directions to Mark and Deidre’s house:

· 101 north to Hwy 116 exit (about 45 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge)

· Take the Sebastopol-Cotati-116 Exit. Turn left and go under the freeway. (if you need gas get it here or at Bill’s Deli)

· Approx 4-5 miles you will see Bill’s Deli and Gas on your right. Continue on for about 300 yards.

· On the left is Lone Pine Rd between Lander’s Automotive and “Call of the Wild.” Go up Lone Pine Rd about 1 mile. 6023 is on the left.

Motel Arrangements 

Holiday Inn Express. (they are sold out every weekend) 707-829-6677 1101 Gravenstein Hwy South (Hwy 116) Sebastopol Mention Golden Gate Goats and Deidre Stipanov for discounted rate of $80.10 + tax.

The Sebastopol Inn 707-829-2500 6751 Sebastopol Ave, Sebastopol About $110.

Doubletree Hotel 707-584-5466 1 Red Lion Dr., Rohnert Park

Best Western Inn- Rohnert Park 707-584-7435 6500 Redwood Rr. Rohnert Park

Courtyard by Marriot 707-573-9000 175 Railroad Ave, Santa Rosa

There are also places to stay in Bodega Bay or Petaluma. Do not choose a motel on Santa Rosa Ave in Santa Rosa. If you find a place other than listed above you might want to contact me to check to see if I would feel comfortable leaving my car there. The first 3 places are my choices.




We have a special day planned for Jim Wangers return visit to the Bay Area with the GGGoats!

May 18, 2002
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Civic Park, Walnut Creek

Save this date for a special day to enjoy GTOs and get special insights from the Godfather of the GTO - Jim Wangers.

Those who were there last year left wanting more. So, we have arranged for MORE! We will have an expanded presentation period this time, since 2 hours wasn’t enough in 2001. More details to follow in April newsletter.

Don’t miss this great opportunity!




By Bob Doten

So what is real, anyway? We were challenged to determine just that when the Golden Gate Goats visited SGI’s bleeding-edge high-tech simulation center in Mountain View on February 15th.

SGI, maker of the world’s fastest computers, gave the Goats a private demo of the visual reality chambers sold to deep-pocket clients like NASA and General Motors. With a 160º spherical screen and boom­ing sound system enveloping the audience, our experience was so much like being “there” that for some, the disorienting effect of vertigo was observed almost immediately.

Our hosts David Walford and Charlene Flynn first escorted us through a reception area featuring some of the incredible hardware produced by SGI. Imagine 1,024 of the fastest computer processors on Earth assembled to work in parallel. Hard to conceive? Then try imagining a thousand 455 Super-Duty engines in one GTO - “Houston, we have liftoff!”

Inside the Reality Center, we found ourselves gazing at Earth from far above. The imaging was real, having been assembled from millions spy satellite photographs measuring as little as 0.3 meters square. Dave flicked his joystick, and quite suddenly we “bungee-jumped” 10,000 miles to ground level, observing images of people walking through a pumpkin patch in Half Moon Bay. Back we rushed to space, took a spin halfway around the globe, and zooming in to see Soviet MIGs parked at an airfield in Afghanistan.

Later we took a virtual tour of the International Space Station, literally space-walking outside and in. All astronauts go through something similar before they actually head there for work. But we didn’t stay long; in a blink of an eye, we were orbiting the sun, looking at actual satellite images of solar wind and flares. Leave it to GGG President John Mekisich to remark that we finally found something hotter than a GTO in August.

Although there was more high-tech imagery to be seen, Dave transported us to Egypt, where we toured Nefertari’s Tomb. This magnificent mansion-sized sarcophagus was painstakingly photographed prior to being flooded when the Nile River was dammed. The photos were loaded into one of SGI’s super­computers to create a virtual tour for those restoring the tomb. The same tour we took served as a blueprint to ensure accuracy. If only Pontiac had done that for GTOs...

Other amazing tours included automotive design, a fascinating look at the operations center for the New York Stock Exchange, and several military aircraft simulations. Flying in an F-16 while pursuing a bogey was exceptionally realistic on the big screen.

We saw the result of a cadaver that had been sliced into 1,700 segments, each part then photographed from every angle. Such labor led to a miracle of medical research - a “visible man” that could be studied from any perspective, inside or out, with or without bones or tissue.

During the final segment, we donned some very unique 3D glasses. Not the paper and cellophane kind that used to come with comic books, but radio-frequency controlled units that interacted with the Reality Center’s computer.

What then appeared was not just a wrap-around image, but one that actually had incredible depth. Rotating before us was a computer model of a DNA molecule so realistic that many guests stepped forward to try touching the vivid, ghostlike image. Talk about a great way to end our visit! Cool factor of 10!

The Golden Gate Goats are grateful to Dave, Charlene and SGI for this very special opportunity to observe firsthand the highest of high tech found in defense, manufacturing, science and medicine.





This recipe is from Mary Holt and is in time for Easter. Look pretty yummy to me.



Pastry Dough

One 3 oz package of cream cheese - softened
8 Tbl. (1 stick) butter - softened
1 cup sifted all purpose flour

Pecan Filling

1 egg
1/2 cup brown sugar - packed
1 Tbl. butter
1 tea. vanilla extract
1/8 tea. salt
2/3 cup chopped pecans

Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Mix together the cream cheese and butter in small bowl or food processor, add flour and blend thoroughly. Chill if hard to handle.

Divide dough into 24 balls, wrap in plastic wrap and chill again, briefly. Place each ball in mini muffin tin or tiny tart pan. Press with finger against side and bottom or use tart tamper tool.


For golden tassies pecan filling, beat together egg, brown sugar, butter, vanilla and salt until all the lumps are gone. Place half the pecans in dough lined pans and top with egg mixture. Dot with remaining pecans.


Bake 25 minutes or until filling is set, cool 5 minutes and remove from pan. Tassies will keep several days closely wrapped or 3 months frozen.







Welcome to these new members who have joined the
Golden Gate Goats
this month.
We look forward to meeting you at our club events.

Ray Mares Pleasanton 1967 H.T. & 1968 H.T.
Evan Simmons Redwood City 1969 H.T.
Michael Strenger San Jose 1965 H.T.
Mike Brunetti San Jose 1972 HO
Joe Asiano San Francisco 1967 H.T.