Vol. 6 - #6 Monthly newsletter of the GOLDEN GATE GOATS 

JUNE - 2001







OMIGODITSGOOD! Recipe Corner  







Hello Everyone,

Seems like summer is here. I am writing this on the Sunday before Memorial Day weekend and it is HOT !!!!!!!!! Lots of things happening so sit back and relax as I take you through the many goings on.

Those of you that went up to Sears Point for the Vintage Races, I hope that you had a great time. I will begin by going over some club business and move on to future events.

There have been some changes made to your board. Club VP Tom Gormley has decided to step down due to a very busy schedule that had been preventing him from participating in club activities. Therefore, we are looking for a new VP. At the same time, we have decided to reactivate the position of Secretary. Two board positions are now open. The current board has been in place since day one as many of you older members know. We have learned over the years that it takes a great deal of time and effort to properly run your club. We are going to write job descriptions for these positions so that those of you interested in running for a spot will know exactly what you are volunteering for. These will be the duties that you will be expected to perform. We conduct a lot of club business via e-mail and one requirement for either position will be the ability to reply to these e-mails in a timely manner, preferably daily. I don't anticipate having these job descriptions done until after GGuys and just wanted to let you all know of our plans. Anyone interested in one of these positions, please let me know. Hopefully we will have several qualified folks interested in each position and we will hold elections in the near future. Now is your chance to help us run your club. Thank you !!!!!

Our May 5th Cinco de Wangers event was a huge success thanks to all of you that came out and participated. You set a new club attendance record with 59 cars attending. This newsletter covers the event in detail. Thanks to event chairs Russ Louthian & Ray Ibia for a job well done and to Lolly Mayeda for handling the raffle. I would also like to thank the many other folks that helped with this event. Wayne, Brenda & Monica Mayeda, Matt Matsukawa (sorry if I spelled your last name wrong), Barb Davis, Jim & Jeanne Lent, Adam Peralta and his girlfriend Christina. I apologize if I omitted anyone. Your help is greatly appreciated. This event would not have happened without your participation. Goes to show what can be done when we all pull together. Perhaps we will do this event again next year.

June 2nd and 3rd has us back in Pleasanton hosting the Good Guys Summer Get Together for the 5th consecutive year. This event has been covered in depth in the last two newsletters. Thanks to the many of you that have already signed up. There is plenty of space for everyone, so let me know if you would like to attend. Look for e-mail updates as the event gets closer. Lets try to set a new club attendance record!!!!!!! Great way to spend a day or two----and it is FREE to those that help out. Always a big crowd so come on out and join us----you will be glad that you did. The more folks that participate, the shorter the work details.

The following weekend is Pleasanton Heritage Days also in Pleasanton. Info in last newsletter. June 23rd has us back in Berkeley at Tilden Park for our annual Summer Picnic. The event chairs for this event are Skip Hendricks and Jim Lent. Please note that you need to sign up for this event as it is makes it a lot easier for the guys in planning. Full details in this and the last newsletter. This is always a really fun event. Actually, all of our events are fun events !!!! SO BE THERE!!!!..

That covers everything through the month of June. We now have a date for the August GGG Day at the Races at Bay Meadows. Sunday the 19th. Mark your calendars as this looks like yet another great time. Have begun working on Dyno Day II, look for more details as they become available.

This years’ GTOAA Western Regional meet has been moved to the July 7th weekend to be held at Jim Wangers’ facility in Oceanside. Sunday has a drag racing event. More details and an application is included in this issue.

Lastly, in response to many of you that have asked about next years GTOAA Western Regional meet and our possible involvement, I had a long phone conversation with Mike Radke, one of the GTOAA Board of Directors regarding this just the other night. We have the opportunity to host this show for next year. We can do it one time as a trial run before we commit to switching every other year with the So Cal Gathering of the Goats. To give you a brief overview of the requirements: two day show, judged car show (which can be popular vote), formal awards presentation including the handing out of trophies and a catered dinner featuring Jim Wangers plus a tech person, etc. Just wanted to give you all some food for thought regarding this. We will take a serious look at this after June GGuys. I anticipate a great deal of this will be done via e-mail. For now, send me any thoughts and or suggestions you may have on this along with how you would like be involved in the implementation of your suggestion. Yes, input equals commitment. Creativity is welcome here and there is plenty of latitude for us to make this event our own. As always, thank you for your participation...and CRUZE EM IF YA HAVE EM !!! 




Everyone is invited to attend the Goodguys June show where we are the host club. Free entry, free shirts, free BBQ lunch each day. The only thing our club event coordinators ask is that you let us know you are going to attend as early as possible!!

1. This year if you do not contact us ahead of time you will not be allowed free entry into the event.

2. Work schedules are developed based on the number of people who volunteer, so please show up on the day(s) that you volunteer for. If you can’t attend, then please let someone know!

Remember, the other club members have to work longer if you don’t show up.

We all take these courtesies for granted, but sometimes a gentle reminder is necessary.



CAR of the MONTH



JUNE: Bob Doten & Rick Herger

JULY: Bob & Sandi Kent & Ken Frank

AUGUST: Leroy & Judy Anderson & Paul Fujimori




Jim Lent

118 Iris Court

Hercules, CA 94547




June 23rd Picnic


We also need you help to respond EARLY if you plan to attend the picnic. Please let Jim Lent or Skip Hendricks know how many adults and children plan to attend in your party. We need a head count to help us compile a fairly substantial shopping list. At the risk of going to the woodshed too often, we ask that you let one of the coordinators know if you have to change plans and cannot attend. This allow us to scale back how much food is cooked. If we know you can’t make it, then we can plan for that.

Thank you for your support in letting us know if you can’t make it!



The GGGOATS frequently uses an email list to get out information about events that may not have been available when the newsletter went to press.

This has proved very useful and, if you have an email account, you might want to join the list. Sometimes people change their email accounts and forget to let us know. If you would like to join or rejoin the list then please send me an email with your correct email address.

Please send additions or corrections to:











Jim Lent

118 Iris Court

Hercules, CA 94547








Please contact Jim Lent with any name, address, phone number or vehicle corrections or changes. (510) 799-6096.



118 Iris Court

Hercules, CA 94547











JUNE 2nd & 3rd, 2001


As many of you already know, Golden Gate Goats is the host club for the Good Guys 8th Summer Get Together at the Pleasanton fairgrounds. This has proven to be our largest event to date with 50+ GTO’s in attendance last year. Our club has become one of the largest GTO clubs in the nation with approximately 200+ current members. The enormous amount of exposure we get at this show has played a large part in helping us increase our membership. Good Guys management was very happy with the job we have done as well as the fact that we pretty much blew 'em away with our level of participation! They invited us back for this years show during last years show! For a niche club such as ours, the opportunity to host a show of this caliber is a really big deal!

Myself along with Jim Lent & John Phillips will be the event coordinators. I will be the pre-show contact and the three of us will be working together during the event like we did last year. We will be spending whatever time is required at the next two club meetings to plan for this event. 2001 will be our fifth year as the host club. The previous events went off without a hitch as I am sure this years event will as well. Like fine wine, we are improving with age. It takes a lot of member involvement to make this work.

I would like to thank all of you that have worked the previous shows for all your hard work. I am sure all of you will want to participate again this year. Let’s make it our goal to make this our largest event ever. One of the many benefits we receive as the host club is our choice of where we want to park. Plan to come on out and work the show, you will have a GRRR8 parking place for the day!

Let me go back to early 1997 when our club was but a few months old. Club member John Phillips was at the right place at the right time and was instrumental in introducing us to the Good Guys. John also belongs to the P-Town Pushrods, the club that hosts many Good Guys shows each year. He found out that P-Town was not going to be hosting the upcoming Muscle Car Nationals as they were already doing three shows and their members are heavy into rods. John called me immediately and we were able to get the “gig” so to speak. Without John’s help, we never would have been given this opportunity. Thanks a lot, John and I hope I got the facts close to correct!

Those of you that have not yet participated must be curious as to what “hosting” the show entails. Here is what is in store for ya! Our day begins early. We rendezvous in front of Specialty Sales on 1st street in Pleasanton at 5:30 a.m.! We leave promptly for the fairgrounds at 5:45 a.m. We drive to our club parking area near the museum and park the cars. The fairgrounds are very quiet until the exhaust note of 20,000 GTO horsepower fills the air, along with blipping throttles as we back em in. Unless you plan to cruise the fairgrounds, this will be your spot for the day. Good Guys event personnel will meet us here and outline what we need to do. We have done everything in previous years from helping with the special areas to directing traffic inside the fairgrounds. Whatever assignment we get is always a good time. Our level of participation determines how long we each need to work. I anticipate one hour per day per person. Those of you with cars in progress, come on out and join in the fun! As more information comes in, we will do a work schedule and post it via e mail and on the website so each of you knows exactly where you need to be and when so you can maximize your fun at the show.

What do you get?

1) Complimentary admission both days to members that work the show

2) One complimentary event T shirt per worker and additional shirts can be purchased at Good Guys cost ( yet to be determined ). Our club logo will be in color. The shirt will have last years big winners and is always very colorful.

3) BBQ hamburgers, hot dogs, chips & fixins are provided for members and their families each day.

Just bring a side dish, or dessert and your own beverages of choice.

Those of you that will be at our April meeting can let me know then or you can sign up with me via e mail immediately. We cannot have too many volunteers to work the show. My final deadline to get everything back to them is May 4th, just after our May meeting. Once again, if you are working the show you do not need to register (pay) as you get in complimentary. You can work either day or both days. I will have a work schedule for each day. Don’t be shy, let’s reallypull out the stops and make this our best turnout ever. If any of you have questions, or want to volunteer you can call me at (650) 349-2095 or e mail me at or better yet, let me know at a meeting. The sooner you let me know, the easier my job becomes. PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME IF YOU CAN ARRIVE AT A LATER TIME. WE ALL NEED TO BE THERE EARLY AS IT IS THE ONLY WAY WE CAN MAKE IT WORK! Thank you for your understanding and support. To those of you that don’t attend many club functions, this one has evolved into the BIG DADDY of them all so to speak. As I mentioned, it is a two day show and we are there both days so if you are busy

one day, you have the other! It is impossible to talk this show up too much! To my knowledge, this is the largest muscle car oriented show on the west coast. We may be the only GTO club in the country hosting a show like this. I urge all members to come on out and join the fun!

Once again, we will be discussing this event in great detail at the next two club meetings. With our April meeting in San Leandro and our May meeting in Redwood City, we will have a great, opportunity to pre-plan for this event. This hopefully will result in a record number of cars along with a new attendance record. Let us set an aggressive goal of 100 cars to attend. I will be e mailing all the car mags letting them know that we are coming out in force. They are always looking for GTO’s to do articles on and we have some mighty fine examples of the ORIGINAL MUSCLECAR!

Plan to be there!


Golden Gate Goats Club Picnic
June 23, 2001
Island Picnic Area
Tilden Park, Berkeley
10:00 a.m. until??

The first Golden Gate Goats club picnic of the year will be in beautiful Tilden Park in the Berkeley hills. We have reserved the Island Picnic Area next to the Brazil Room. There is plenty of parking right next to the picnic area to park the goats. There will be space for about 25 cars in front of the picnic area and the rest will be able to park right behind the picnic area.

The menu will consist of barbecued tri tips and chicken. There will be hot dogs for the kids. We are asking that everyone bring a side dish to share. Grill space is limited so if you are planning to bring something that needs to be heated please call Skip Hendricks first. We may need to bring some Coleman stoves.

Also let Skip Hendricks (510.727.0221) or Jim Lent (510.799.6096) know how many in your group are coming and if you’re interested in helping out. We could use some help setting up, parking cars, cooking, and the ever popular clean-up. Also need volunteer to sell raffle tickets and someone to organize games for children.

BYOB: Beer and wine are permitted, however, no hard liquor is allowed.

Directions: From the East Bay or West Bay, take Hwy. 24 to the Caldicott Tunnel. Take the Fish Ranch Rd. exit on the East side of the tunnel (from either direction). Take Fish Ranch Rd. to Grizzly Peak Rd. Turn right on Grizzly Peak Rd. Turn right on South Park Dr. Turn left on Wild Cat Canyon Rd. The Island Picnic Area is on the right just past the Brazil Room.


Sunday in Champagne! July 15th

…And you don’t need to fly Air France to savor the aromas and flavors of Champagne either! All you need is a GTO, a desire to have fun and enjoy the Louis XV Chateau sparkling wines (only $5 for tasting). After the tasting, the fun continues at Leroy & Judy Anderson’s home in Sonoma for a great BBQ. We’ve spaced-out the times to allow for a slow-paced leisurely day in the Sonoma Valley Wine Country - Enjoy! (Ken Frank & Leroy & Judy Anderson are the event coordinators.)

Domaine Carneros (by Taittinger)

Have you dreamed of traveling to France to visit the famous Chateaus of Champagne? Why go to France, when we have it all right here, just 50 minutes away! In the heart of the Carneros appellation stands the majestic Chateau, which houses Domaine Carneros winery.

A lot of us have toured and tasted at various wineries before but, if you’ve never been to a Champagne house, you’re in for a treat! Our day will begin at 10:00 AM at Domaine Carneros winery We’ll have plenty of parking so bring your best year! More information and directions can be found at their website - or - from Marin take Hwy 37, left at Sears Point, right at Hwy 12/121 and it’s on your right. From the East Bay take Hwy 37 to Vallejo, right at Hwy 29, left at Hwy 12/121 and it’s on your left. Hwy 12/121 at Duhig Rd.

Lunch on the Square (In Sonoma)

After our Champagne tour we’ll head west to the Sonoma Town Square. This is a beautiful part of town. Lots of restaurants/deli/pizza and shopping! Here, you’ll be on your own to have lunch, walk around the Square to go shopping or just sit in the shade and talk GTOs! There will be parking behind the Old Barracks on 1st Street and Spain.

Buena Vista Winery

At 2:00 PM we’ll head over to the Buena Vista Winery just 5 minutes from the Square. This is California’s oldest premium winery! A beautiful and romantic wooded path leads you to the ivy covered stone Press House Tasting Room. Established in 1857 by Hungarian Count Agoston Haraszthy, the Buena Vista Tasting Room offers a wide selection of award-winning wines, a gift shop featuring Buena Vista's Haraszthy Collection of gourmet food items as well as an Artist Gallery. Their website is

Leroy & Judy Anderson - BBQ

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Leroy & Judy Anderson are set to Q-it-up with sumptuous BBQ beef tri-tips and BBQ chicken. Please bring your own beverages and if you’d like (not required) to bring a dessert or side dish, feel free to do so! Leroy & Judy live just 5 minutes from the Square, so be sure to stop on by!

Please give Leroy & Judy a buzz (707-996-3549) so they can get a head-count.

This is shaping up to be a great event!








Hi All,

Here is a scone recipe I have made a few times now, and each time it is a hit. Easy and tastes just as good a day or two later if wrapped well . They are so moist and flavorful, serving with butter is strictly optional. The secret is the mini chocolate chips. You can cut the amount of chips back if you want a little less chocolate. I use the full measure.

Hope you enjoy.


Buttermilk Orange Scones

2 cups Flour 
1 half cup buttermilk
1 quarter cup sugar 
1 Tablespoons freshly grated orange rind
1 and 1 half teaspoons baking powder 
1 egg
1 half teaspoon baking soda 
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
6 Tablespoons butter or margarine
3 quarter cups of miniature semisweet chocolate chips.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees

In a large bowl, stir together flour, sugar, baking powder and baking soda. With a pastry cutter, cut in butter until mixture resembles coarse crumbs. Stir in chocolate chips.

In a separate bowl, whisk together buttermilk, orange peel, egg and vanilla extract. Stir buttermilk mixture into flour mixture.

Pat dough into a 8 or 9 inch diameter circle on a lightly greased insulated cookie sheet. Score into 8 wedges with a serrated knife.

Bake for 20 minutes (I find it takes a bit longer) or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean. Remove from the baking sheet and cool on a wire rack for 5 minutes. Recut wedges and serve warm or cool.






Welcome to these new members who have joined the
Golden Gate Goats in
We look forward to meeting you at our club events.

Kevin Tull  San Leandro 1967 H.T. & 1969 Judge
Cliff Smith Vacaville 1965 H.T.
Jeff & Staci Whitlock Pleasanton 1966 H.T.
Moses Naval Livermore 1966 H.T.
Lance Julian San Jose 1965 Tempest Custom
Jeff Huntley Martinez 1965 Convertible