Vol. 5 - #2 Monthly newsletter of the GOLDEN GATE GOATS 

FEB. - 2000


CLUB MEETING Wed., Feb 2, 7:00 p.m.
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Hello everyone. Happy new millennium! Now that the hype of Y2K (Yawn 2K ?) has past, hopefully we can all return to normal. Our club has more things going on now than at any time in our history and I will be talking to all of you about many exciting happenings that we have in store for you. Year 2000 is gonna be a pedal to the metal - push ya back in the seat kinda year for Golden Gate Goats! It is my hope that a record number of members come out and join in the fun this year!

Dues. Yup, I gotta ask some of you to send us the $. Renewal amounts are in this newsletter. If your name is not listed and you have not renewed, you owe $30. Please help us to help you by taking care of this. Alsoon the financial front,Treasurer Will Valle's annual report is here for your review. As always, your feedback and input is welcome. As I mentioned previously, we will do a year end recap every year starting now.

Our website at is up and running. Please visit the site to keep abreast of current news. I cannot thank Webmaster Skip Hendricks enough for all his hard work. The site is absolutely fantastic and I urge you to visit it often. The site has enough capacity so that Skip can archive Car of the Month articles. Themany links will keep you occupied for hours! We now have the ultimate marketing tool. We are having club business cards made with the club logo and our web address for everyone to be able to hand out to potential new members, etc. Skip has promised to keep the site as up to date as possible. For example; pictures from our 1st event of the year along with a map and directions to our Feb. meeting are already posted.

The weather gave us a break in January for a change this year and we were able to participate in the Sunnyvale Millennium Parade through the streets of downtown Sunnyvale. 15 cars came out. The 4 convertibles that attended were used to carry local politicians along the parade route. These folks were up in the front of the parade while the rest of us went as a group by year, towards the back. We had the police motorcycle drill team in front of us and the Garbage company behind us! The person that set up the route was a car guy I bet. You all do remember that people that drove other makes used to say that GTO stood for Garbage Truck Operator!!!!!!!! It was fun to have the police in front of us for a change. The crowd was large and enthusiastic along the mile long parade route that went through both residential and business areas. Lots of blipping the throttle and mini burnouts were done by GGG members to the crowds delight! Yes, in case you are wondering, I lit them up a few times. Great fun as I was the last car in our group and could hang back a little. I saw a high school marching band behind me but could rarely hear them over my exhaust note. Please check out the photos included here or visit our websiteto see them. We enjoyed a little Texas BBQ at Armadillo Willy's after the parade. Thanks to Adam Peralta for chairing this event. Great job Adam!

Gonna cover February events chronologically here. Please note that our first club meeting of the year is on Wednesday Feb. 2nd. Location is listed herein and on our website. Lots to talk about so please plan to attend. East Bay location so I anticipate some different faces. Thanks to John Phillips for setting up this location for us.

On SUNDAY Feb. 20th, we will once again be showing our cars at the San Mateo Fairgrounds as part of the Antique & Collectors Show. We get into the show at the discount rate of $2 per person. We will have more latitude with departure times than in previous years. We get to park just outside the show entrance inside the fairgrounds. Everyone has had a great time in the past. We will be meeting at Lyons Restaurant in San Mateo, on the El Camino, one black north of Hwy 92. Our departure time will be 9:15. Those of you that would like to have breakfast first, meet us there at 8:15. Let us hope that the weather is good! This can be a rain or shine event. If it is raining and you don't mind your car getting wet, come on out. The promoter always likes a head count so if you want to go, please let me know by 2/14. There is flexibility here so if you decide at the last minute (do we do that?) then just show up! Our second event is Feb. 26th. This is the show and tell project day at Gilroy airport. This is also a rain or shine event as the cars being worked on are inside an airplane hangar. See this newsletter for details. Event coordinator Ed Rosiak has a very interesting day on tap for us! This will give a lot of you a chance to see a GTO in partial dress so to speak. If it is wet, bring your regular car down and we will still have a great time! Something different, something new!

Racers, please note Wednesday night race schedule in this issue. We have expanded the race schedule to 4 dates this year. The Dyno Day is still up in the air as we search for an available and knowledgeable operator.

We have been given a unique opportunity for the March GGuys show. They have offered us a 15 car indoor club display! Their idea is to promote their June show (which we host) around our club display. We can have a club information table, put our banner up, etc. Those displaying inside will get in free for the weekend. If you have 2 cars that you want to bring to the show, no problem. One GTO goes inside and the other car (GTO or ?) can be in the main show area. So you are thinking, what is the catch? Your car must arrive at the fairgrounds on Friday between 12 & 6 P.M. and remain until end of show on Sunday (3 p.m.), that's all. The way to reserve your spot is to come to the Feb. 2nd meeting. We will allow any member (who is current on dues) to display that can be there at the required time. Up to 12 cars can be accepted. Above that # and we go to a lottery system to decide. Jim, Will and I took the liberty of taking the other spaces, hope you understand. This event will be coordinated by officers; Jim, Will, Tom and myself. Once again if you want a spot you must be there at the Feb. 2nd meeting. We are rewarding those of you that participate. There is a possibility that we could add another 5 cars depending on how much vendor space they sell. GGuys will make that call at a later date. GGuys tells me that this is their largest spectator show of the year in this area. This could quite likely be a one time opportunity to have a large indoor display plus it is a great chance to promote our club so be there...................... O.K.?

Big news for 2001 and our 5th anniversary year. As many of you may know, we do a newsletter exchange with a lot of different clubs, etc. Mr. Jim Wangers is on that list. After seeing our newsletter with our Y2K schedule in it, Jim Wangers' people contacted us via e-mail letting us know that he would be more than happy to come to one of our future events and give one of his famous talks. Interesting idea to say the least. The board began bouncing the idea around and came to the conclusion that we did not have the right type of event on the schedule and that the schedule was really pretty full for this year. This was after a lot of discussion! We also concluded that it would be worth maximizing our efforts featuring Mr. Wangers and promoting the event around him. Logical thinking wouldn't you agree? 

The board concluded (as all of you would too) that having our own show would be the perfect venue. We invite the Sac. & Central CA clubs and ? to attend. It will be our 5th year and we do it up right. Whoa............ hold on a minute! I told them that the last time a club show was proposed in 1998 there was less than adequate amount of interest in doing one. The entire board was really pumped up about this so I gave them this challenge; I will commit to you guys to do this if you agree as a group to help chair the event. All of us or it's a no go. Jim, Will and Tom answered back immediately with a unanimous YES! So, we are gonna put on our own show featuring Jim Wangers in our 5th year,2001. I thank the board for stepping up to the plate in taking on a truly big challenge. We did it this way as we did not want to put the membership in a position where they had to offer to volunteer to make the event happen. It is time for GGG to do this. We have a clean blackboard and the possibilities are endless. Over the years many of you have gotten to know myself and Jim, Will and Tom pretty well. Do we really want to handle this all by ourselves? No! But we offered to do it as we believe it is time to do it. We also believe that sharing is caring! So............. we challenge all of you to give us a hand. We will be testing the waters so to speak at our Feb. meeting. See ya real soon!!!







Please contact Jim Lent with any name, address, phone number or vehicle corrections or changes. (510) 799-6096.



118 Iris Court

Hercules, CA 94547






Superior Dyno in Fairfield has informed me that their Dyno has been sold. So, we don't have a Dyno day scheduled now. If anyone knows of a reliable dyno (and operator) please contact me at 650.349.2095 or E-mail:

Sears Point Wednesday Nite Drags = April 26, June 14, Aug. 23, Oct. 18

Departure locations to be announced. Please remember that Sears Point reserves the right to change their schedule at any time. These dates are TENTATIVE. We will be doing updates via e mail as to who is attending, etc. Wednesdays are not convenient for a lot of us. If you are interested in Drag Racing, I urge you to consider taking a vacation or sick day and participating. If you are a first time racer rest assured that you are among friends and we will walk you

through it.

Those of you that do not want to race your GTO's are welcome to come and watch us! More people = more fun. Spectator admission is $10 and $17 to race (1999 rates).

A great time will be had by everyone!







SAT., FEB. 26, 2000

Please remember to  call or E-mail Ed Rosiak so he can plan for food.

I think it is safe to say that those of us who make up the Golden Gate Goats are automobile enthusiasts, specifically Pontiac; taking it down another level, perhaps GTO or Pontiac A body performance car nuts. We all admire the GTO, (by the way, the '65 is the best year.... sorry Jim, I couldn't help it). I think we would all agree that the mighty Goat is a beautiful, and unique design. Who among us has been able to ignore one when we see it drive by? They come in different styles and colors. Some are stock, some enhanced to increase engine or handling performance, but all are beautiful in our eyes.

Some of us are happy, not to mention lucky, just to drive a classic like the GTO. Others have a desire to go beyond the skin deep appeal, and get our hands dirty. I happen to be one of the latter type (which might explain why I haven't been to a GGG event yet, you see the '65 is far from being even close to finished).

Last year I asked Jim Lent if he thought a "Show and Tell" event would be well received. The answer is of course, "I don't know". My guess is that we have a number of people in GGG's who work on their own cars, are driving their prized owner completed restoration, or currently have a rolling project in progress. I happen to have a 65 GTO post that is in the process of a body on restoration. She's a mess right now, but she'll be beautiful when she's done (which is what keeps me going and sane). If you will, imagine a rolling body with an engine that is operational, sans doors, trunk, and the entire front end sheet metal then you have an idea of it looks like. Why would I want to offer it up as a "Show and Tell" example? It's simple. I believe some of our members may not have worked on their cars to this level. Members who would be interested in seeing a Goat in its underwear. There also may be others that have already finished their projects that could provide GGG restoration amateurs such as myself, some sage advice. Whatever the reason, you are all invited to a "Show and Tell" at the facility where I store my '65 and '70 GTO's. To make things a bit more interesting, I am hoping that others would be willing to share their projects. Let's not leave out viewing all the beautiful finished cars in the club I have admired on other occasions.

What could be better than a nice Saturday drive to blow out a little carbon, and take in some country side too? My Goats are located at the Frasier Lake Airport south of Gilroy, which is a nice hour drive from the north bay on the freeway. I hope to answer (and ask) questions regarding our cars, and I would hope that others would display their projects and partake in the fun too. If your project isn't rolling yet, then feel free to bring some pictures. I have a grille down there and will supply hot dogs, hamburgers and soft drinks to those who want to spend some quality GTO time.

This GGGoats club event has been scheduled for Saturday February 26th, which gives everyone plenty of time to plan. Rain won't be a big issue with this event as the cars are located inside, and typically the weather down there is different from the north bay (better).

Here is some of the work my sons and myself have done to the 65 so far. Rebuilt the engine (389) 030 over, balanced, 67 HO exhaust manifolds with 2.5 inch exhaust system, larger hydraulic cam with roller rockers, installed power disc brakes (front) and power steering, completely rebuilt front end suspension using PST components, with new springs front and rear. I am currently in the process of redoing some of the past bodywork that wasn't done very well (teaching myself so it's slow going). Here is your chance to view some projects that you may have been considering for your car.


Directions: 101 south past Gilroy to 152 east (don't take the 152 west exit which is before the 152 east exit). When you turn on 152 it is approximately 1.9 miles from 101 to the Frasier Lake turn off. You have to watch for it, it is not well marked. Turn right on Frasier Lake road and follow it 5.4 miles (mileage is approximate). You will see the airport on your left (east side of road). Turn into the airport property, and turn right at the first row of hangars. My hangar is on the south end of the row, number A2. Just look for the Goats. Parking will be on the grass in front of the hangars. By the way, pay attention to the 50 mph speed limit on Frasier Lake road, I have seen quite a few CHP on this little rural back road.

One additional thing. Since this is an airport, I will try to have an airplane there for anyone who might be interested in seeing one close up. I hope this peaks your interest, and I look forward to meeting many of you in February. Please give me a call to let me know how many are coming. This way I can plan ahead for the food.

Ed Rosiak

Cupertino, CA.