Vol. 4 - #12 Monthly newsletter of the GOLDEN GATE GOATS 

 DEC. - 1999




Hello everyone! Hope  those of you that attended Good Guys had a good time. Weather was just about perfect. I was unable to attend, too much to do in too little time. Thanksgiving will be upon us when you receive this newsletter. Enjoy your holiday. Will not be long before Santa gets here!

I urge those of you that have car of the month articles due for Nov. & Dec. that have not turned them in to Jim Lent to do so as soon as possible. We all get so busy this time of year and it will be one less thing for you to do during the holidays if you take the time to do them now! Thank you very much.

Please note that our next meeting has both a date change and a location change. It will be on Wednesday Dec. 1st at Harry's Hof Brau in Redwood City. 84 West off 101 and exit El Camino Real North. Harry's will be on your left when you get to the bottom of the ramp. 

Our November meeting went so well there that we all decided to try it again. We have again reserved the backroom. I will start the meeting promptly at 7:30. Plan to arrive anytime after 6:30 so that there is plenty of time for everyone to eat. Last month’s meeting was our largest turnout ever to choose events for our Year 2000 event schedule. Thank you to everyone that came out and participated. 

Lets see if we can have another huge turnout. Those that come on out to vote will decide what the club will be doing next year. Our proposed 2000 event schedule is printed in this newsletter. The way this came about is that we decided to put non club only events on the calendar and schedule our club only events around them. These  fixed  events are in bold type and are the events that a lot  of us attend each year and will not be subject to a vote. Our club events are shown in regular type. 

The GGuys June show we host is listed as a club only event as we need our usual big turnout so we kinda consider it our own. This event is the only club event not subject to a vote.  Although the proposed schedule looks busy at first glance, when you notice that 7 items are monthly meetings, it balances out pretty well. 

Our goal is to maximize the attendance at our own events. When voting, please keep this in mind. Also, we will take a little time at the start of the meeting to listen to any suggestions or ideas you may have. The schedule printed here is only a draft. 

One thing I see, since GGuys moved the date of the show we host from end of May to early June, we have no local ‘club only’ event for May. We will take the time to get this right. That happened as we did not have their date until after our meeting and we guesstimated it would be the same. NOT!!!!!!  The point I want to be sure to get across here is that we don’t want non club events to “over shadow” our own events. 

May looks like we have a lot going on but in reality, both of those are out of town overnights and neither are “our” event. That is the kind of scheduling situation we don’t want  to err over. It would be easy to miss that and have nothing going on in May for a club event. 

So to recap for what we will be doing at our Dec. meeting, 1) We will start by getting any new event ideas and suggestions. These will be added to our draft. 2) We will begin the selection process. As in the past, majority rule will determine what gets selected. This will determine our year 2000 event schedule. Before we begin the voting, lets consider the proposed event schedule as a whole. When you look at it closely it includes a very interesting mix of things to do. Lets give ourselves the option of voting it in as is. We can go anywhere with this the group wants. Many of these club events will require event coordinators so you will all have ample opportunity to get involved. Our Dec. meeting is the time to come on out to the meeting and be a part of determining what YOUR club does in 2000!

We are also working on ways to improve our level of communication both within the club and with anyone wanting information on our club. Working towards this, Rick & Michelle Montieth are working on cross referencing e mail addresses with members names. This list will be emailed out when completed. This came about as an answer to a comment brought up that sometimes members may not attend an event as they did not know who else was going. Casa de Fruta was the event it related to, I believe. This updated list will allow those of you with e mail to better communicate with your fellow club members as you will now know who bigcinch@whatever is. We feel this will be a big help as people get really busy and may not make a phone call but they will send an e mail. Sooooooooooooo, for this to work, when you want to know if someone is going to an event, send them an e mail and ask them! This should be a step in the right direction.

We are also in the process of updating our website. Skip Hendricks has offered to handle this for us. Our goal here is to keep the site current while dramatically expanding the amount and type of information available. Look for complete details as they become available. Our current website was designed and monitored by Howard Thorpe. His travel schedule for work keeps him way busy. I would like to thank him for his efforts with this. He just doesn’t have the time it takes to keep everything current. Thanks to Rick & Michelle Monteith and Skip Hendricks for stepping up to the plate with these two projects. With a member count of over 200, communication can be quite a challenge. The completion of these two projects will be a big step towards dramatically improving our level of communication both within our club and beyond!

Many of you expressed interest in the new club sweatshirts. Jim Lent has many styles and colors available for you. Those of you that have email have received this information. As the seasons change you can show your club spirit with these new sweatshirts or consider ordering that club jacket you have been thinking about. Perhaps Golden Gate Goats Logowear will be on some Christmas lists this year. I betcha that Santa could make it happen for those of you that have been good little boys and girls!

That pretty much covers everything. Please plan to attend our Dec. meeting. With your help, 2000 will be another GR888 year for Golden Gate Goats!

See ya in the fast lane (weather permitting!)




Part  I


Hello again fellow members! It has been some time since you’ve heard from your Vice President & Dr. of Psychiatry. For you newer members, you should know that I’m at the forefront of a new movement in mental health. It is called Goatism. The Revolutionary use of the healing power of the GTO!

Do you suffer from depression, cruise in a ‘66 Convertible GTO, suffer from loneliness? Join our club. Got low self esteem? Drive a 455 powered ‘70 GTO! Got the idea? Thought so. It is easy, no drugs, no months or years or therapy.

Anyway, I’ve taken some of my own advice. My ‘71 GTO needs some attention. I have my plans & time table all worked out. Since some of you are going through your cars, or will be, this might be a chance to share your thougths, ideas, frustrations, etc. through the newsletter.

So, I’ll run down real quick what is going to be done to my car: Rebuilt motor, paint, interior & wheels. The future calls for a 4-speed automatic and a rear gear change.

The Project began with the disassembly of a donor 400 block. This of course led to the first problem, where in the hell am I going to find room to do this? But of course, I find room in the already jammed garage!

Well, I’m not 5 minutes into it when oil is pouring all over the floor, even though the block was drained months ago. Of course, after cleaning up the mess I can’t find the tools I just had! This after telling myself to stay organized and putting every tool in it’s proper place. Now the doubts, the ‘maybe this isn’t such a good idea after all’ creep in. The ‘this is not fun, it cost too much’ etc. go through your mind. But, having no common sense and the heart of a teenager, I ignore logic and race straight ahead.

One of the hardest decisions in all of this is finding that machine shop to entrust your motor to. Every friend has a suggestion or horror story about the shop you are going to use. For me, I just want someone who is reasonably pleasant, speaks a tech language I can understand, does not want to sell more horsepower (or less) than I can use on the street and leaves me enough money so I can afford hot dogs and beans for dinner.

So, as of this writing, the motor goes to the shop on December 1st. In the meantime body work has begun. Stay tuned for details on the motor......

Just remember members, any year GTO is the BEST YEAR!


(EDITORS NOTE: So, Dr. Gormley tells you there are no drugs involved! How could anyone get involved in redoing a GTO expect that there is going to be money left over for food? Ya just gotta think that there are some pretty heavy psychotropic drugs being used here!)


Welcome to these new members who have joined the Golden Gate Goats in November.  We look forward to meeting you at our club events.



 John    Descalzo     Concord                      1965 GTO


 Pat   Malaga          El Sobrante                 1970 GTO Convertible


Tom   Hammer       San Jose                     1965 GTO Convertible       



Been treated well by a vendor or business.

Share that information with your fellow club members.


Who:                    What:                                     When:

Nate West             Sound & Security Systems      Monday through Thursday 9AM to

Sales Consultant    (408) 266-1215                       5PM  Saturday 9AM to 6PM

                             (408) 266-0845 FAX

Where:   Circuit City Roadshop, 5353 Almaden Expressway, San Jose, CA 95118


Nate is the kind of sales person I hope to find, but rarely ever do.  He is knowledgeable about his products, not pushy, listens to you, asks good questions, and pays attention to details.  In short Nate

understands customer service.  Nate also understands classic cars, and as more concerned than I was about making sure the GTO was treated with respect when the stereo system was installed.  Give him a call if you are in the South Bay and in the market for a security or stereo system

for your Goat, I recommend him.                

Russ Louthian     1965 Hardtop