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AUGUST - 2001







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Greetings Everyone,

Had unseasonably cool weather when I wrote last month's message and we are getting the same now. Really odd, sure hope we get an Indian Summer. Last weekend had us in Sonoma for a day of champagne and wine tasting. Thanks to Ken & Marci Frank for setting up the tasting and tours and to Judy & Leroy Anderson for inviting all of us to their home for a really great barbecue afterwards. Absolutely great time was had by everyone. We hit two wineries and had plenty of time for lunch and or shopping. Ken & Marci prepaid for all the tasting, so if you participated and did not have a chance to pay them, please give them a call at 415 898 7768 and arrange to do so. Thank you very much!

Hot August Nights is just around the corner. Those of you going may want to touch bases with Jim Lent as our group always tries to get together sometime during the event. Our next and only club event for August is on Sunday the 19th at Bay Meadows in San Mateo. Full details in this newsletter and prepayment is encouraged. Last chance to do something at Bay meadows as the track will be closing soon. Lots of special things going on during the day and please note that there is now an option to leave before 6 p.m. That takes us through the month of August.

September 5th has us at Harry's in Redwood City for our first meeting after our summer break. There are currently two board positions open and I would like to discuss filling them. I had hoped to have job descriptions for each position (Vice Prez & Secretary) finished by now so that those of you interested know what you are volunteering for along with what is expected of you. I will commit to having them done by the Sept. meeting. Being a GGG board member is work to be sure but it is also very rewarding. Popular vote will determine who gets elected.

More details TBA.

Well, that covers everything for now. See ya in the fast lane!


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JULY: Bob & Sandi Kent & Ken Frank

AUGUST: Leroy & Judy Anderson & Paul Fujimori




Jim Lent

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The GGGOATS frequently uses an email list to get out information about events that may not have been available when the newsletter went to press.

This has proved very useful and, if you have an email account, you might want to join the list. Sometimes people change their email accounts and forget to let us know. If you would like to join or rejoin the list then please send me an email with your correct email address.

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16th Annual GTOAA Western Regional Meet

with Tour de Wangers and the Southern California Gathering of the Goats Celebrating Jim Wangers' 75th and Pontiac's Birthday


On Thursday July 5th Mark and I loaded up our black '64 goat in our "new" '96 black enclosed trailer to be pulled by our black truck. We figured it would be much more comfortable driving 8+ hours in comfort, and keep the car clean, and have a safe place to park it at night. We stayed the night in San Pedro with relatives and then went on to Oceanside on friday. We arrived at Jim Wangers offices/warehouse about 1pm to make sure we knew where the show and shine would be held (we hadn't received any info since we decided last minute to send in our $). The doors to the warehouse and offices were standing open but only classic cars were in sight, no people. Finally Jeanne (who we met at San Jose Cinco de Wangers) Jim's assistant, came walking back from the warehouse next door who said everyone else was at lunch. She told us the show'n’shine would be "right here at the warehouse and adjoining parking lot". Now, looking around it didn't seem like there were enough spaces for the couple of hundred cars Mark and I thought would be there! (We figured that what with this being the GTOAA western regional meet and the Southern CA gathering of the Goats group and Jim's birthday and Pontiac's birthday there would be LOTS of GTO's). Now, it was a nice sunny breezy day BUT thundershowers were predicted. Oh, great! we drove all this way to get rained on!

We stayed the night in Carlsbad 10 minutes down the freeway. Bright and not so early (thank goodness) Sat morning we left to go celebrate GTO's and Jim. We arrived at his warehouse at 8:45am (Jeannie had told us to arrive about 9am) Of course our car started giving us trouble, the carburator kept sputtering, 3 blocks before getting there & Mark was ready to give it away once again.(But that is another story.) The weather was perfect (no rain in sight) but where were all the cars? We were shocked, this was supposed to be a huge get together, wasn't it? Total there were between 80 -100 Pontiacs (probably closer to 80 than 100) and maybe 30 GTO's!! Where was the spirit, the pride of Southern California's GTO car clubs? Debbie Tharpe was there (met her in San Jose too) and she told me they had 123 people sign up to come, but not all with their cars & she didn't know how many GTO's were signed up. 

We parked the car and talked with the guy to our left with a beautiful black '70 GTO convertible, looked pretty good next to our '64 convertible! But truthfully, the only other people there who talked with us were Jim's people who came up with him to Cinco de Wangers. And that was because I went and introduced us. They did remember me and my Grandma's car story and I did finally get Jim to sign my car's visor (he had lost his gold pen in San Jose when it came to my turn). The only T-shirts for sale were the event shirts and the only food & drink for sale was when In & Out burger came at 11:00 to 1:30. If you didn't bring your own sodas/water you were out of luck! There were a couple of vendors with new parts and car washing stuff and two old parts vendors (including Kelly Klein) and that was about it. We thought it could have been better organized, and that greeters should have come and welcomed people from out of the area. Adam Peralta and Christina showed up about 1:30 sans GTO.

The show'nshine was over at 3pm. So then we came back at 6pm for Jim's "Roast" banquet to be held in the warehouse. The food was excellent, Santa Maria BBQ tri-tip and chicken and all the fixin's. They did run out of lemonade and Ice tea though. After dinner John Sawruk, a engineer from Pontiac, gave a slide show on the history of Pontiac, and read a couple of birthday wishes from Pontiac. Other people who got up to talk about Jim were, Gordon Wangers, his nephew (who works for Jim's company AMCI); Pete McCarthy, publisher of Pontiac Enthusiast; Otto Tharp, president of So. Ca. Gathering of the Goats; Paul , the president of the GTOAA; and the president of the GTO club from Bend,Oregon who named Jim - "Rabbi James the Holy Tiger" and gave him a Halo made out of tiger skin material (sitting on Jim's head it looked like a toilet seat covered with tiger fur and a tiger tail!) The evening ended at 10pm with cake and a giant B-day card with the event logo on it that we all signed.

Sunday morning at 9:30 we drove out to Carlsbad Raceway. Another beautiful day, no rain in sight. And luckily for us the guy parked next to us on Sat. had been talking to a friend and we overheard that "if you are not racing Sunday don't take your GTO because the drive into the race track is about a mile of dirt road and parking once you get there is dirt too." Now, don't you think us out of towners should have been warned? We had thought there would be another little show'n’shine at the race track. I would have been so mad if we had driven the car there and all the dirt! We also thought there would be some vendors with T-shirts and food and drinks. The race track is a throw back from the 50's -old boarded up buildings (bathrooms and concession stands), an old weed overgrown circle track and rickety grand stands. The only thing paved was the straight racetrack and the looping road back to the start line. There was a "roach coach" van for food (and the best egg and bacon breakfast sandwich I ever had) but that was it. If you didn't want to just watch the drag racing you were out of luck. We stayed for about an hour along with Adam Peralta and Christina, and then left to go pick up the car and trailer. All in all we had a great weekend, even without much interaction from the host group. and of course Jim Wangers was his wonderful enjoyable self.


Contributed by:

Deidre and Mark Stipanov









Please contact Jim Lent with any name, address, phone number or vehicle corrections or changes. (510) 799-6096.



118 Iris Court

Hercules, CA 94547















On Sunday, we will meet at 10 AM just inside the main gate at Bay Meadows Racecourse.  The location will provide FREE monitored parking for those who do not want to park on the infield or need to leave early.  It is close to the stable area and just a short walk to the tunnel that takes you to our area of the infield.  Tickets will be given out at this location so we have an accurate count and so people who show up at the last minute will not be left out. 

  At 10:30AM sharp we will cruise into Bay Meadows through a special tunnel and out on to the Infield lawn.  There we will park our cars so they are on display facing and in full view of the Grand Stand.  Next to where we park is our private patio pavilion.  The pavilion is on the lawn near the pond, and offers covered seating and tables for 50+ folks, complete with two closed circuit televisions to give us an even closer view of the races. 

  Right in front of where we park is the Barbeque pavilion.  Here we get to do what we do best - - EAT!  Our BBQ Buffet includes hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, BBQ chicken, baked beans, whole kernel corn, potato salad, soft drinks and brownies!  Grab what you want, plunk down on a section of lawn or go back to our pavilion and eat up.  Then go back for more.  Food will be served from about Noon to 2PM.

  For those who feel like making a bet, the betting station is just to the left of where we park, no lines, no hassles. 

  Our cost is only $21 per person (guests under 17 are just $10), and it includes:

- racecourse admission
- all you can eat BBQ buffet
- gratuity
- tax
- racing program
- private pavilion seating
- infield lawn display parking or parking in a monitored area near the stables


But there is more!  To make this event and one club members will not want to miss - -

Retired jockey Art Lobato will be our personal guide to Bay Meadows.  Mr. Lobato will join us to give us tips on how to read the racing program and how to place bets.

  We will also be given guided tours of the paddock area, an extra special behind the scenes tour very few people will ever get to experience.  One final item.  We get to have one of the races named by or for our club and have a picture taken in the Winner Circle.  But we need a name for the race. 

  Name the race contest

Open to all club members; simply suggest a name for the race.  Event coordinators will select the winner and he or she will join  Club officers in the Winner Circle for the photo. Plus the winner will get free admission for the day!





This event has grown in popularity each year for GGGoaters. Last year over 20 members attended to enjoy the incomparable Monterey area. Everyone who attends says this is one of the best run events that they have ever attended. Friday begins with a poker run that goes through Cannery Row, the 17 mile drive and down Hiway One to Big Sur and back. Returnees can then join the lazy crowd in a show’n’shine at Cannery Row or in Pacific Grove this year. Friday night there is a controlled cruise. Sat. the show shifts to Laguna Seca, with a free ham & pancake breakfast, show’n’shine and parade laps around Laguna Seca Raceway. HOT laps in Porsches can also be purchased. Sat. night there is a dance at the Marriot Hotel at Fishermans’ Wharf. The

Joe Scharino Band provides pretty much non-stop music from the 60s-80s. Sunday, the Show continues or you can sleep in, get a leisurely breakfast and take the slow cruise home or hit the shops in Monterey or Carmel.

The event application can be viewed and downloaded from the Cherry’s website.

Go to: and then select Cherry’s Jubilee to register online or have an application sent to you.

Or you can call 831-759-1836 to have them send you an application. If you are

thinking of going, you should be making hotel reservations now. If you ever thought about taking a Friday off to go play, then this is the one for you!

Once again, for those arriving on Thursday, we have been invited to a Thursday evening BBQ at Tom & Joanne Flynn's house in Monterey. Please let me know if you are going to this BBQ so I can advise Tom & Joanne of the number of people to expect.


Jim Lent - 510-799-6096







Hi All,


Had a terrific time in Sonoma last weekend? The wine tour Ken and Marcie set up was terrific. Champagne in the morning, wonderful lunch, wine in the afternoon then fun barbecue with everyone at Judy and Leroy Anderson's to polish the day off. Terrific food. I am working on some of the attendees to get recipes. I will pass them on if successful. In the mean time, here is one of the salads I made. It is easy and I hear Ken Davis loves the topping!

So Barb and Ken, this for you!


One Cherry Red GTO Jell-O Salad

(Cherry Pie Jell-O Salad)


Prepare one large package of cherry Jell-O using half as much cold water as directed. Add one can of cherry pie filling that has been mixed with 1 Tablespoon of sugar.

Chill until set.

Mix 4 ounces of cream cheese and 8 ounces of whipped topping until smooth. (hint; cream cheese should be at room temperature. Fold in a small can of crushed pineapple that has been well-drained. Spread on top of set Jell-O.

Sprinkle with chopped pecans. 

Serves about 8.






Welcome to these new members who have joined the
Golden Gate Goats in
We look forward to meeting you at our club events.

Ed Janas Pleasanton 1965 Convertible
Gary Rundle Morgan Hill 1967 H.T.
Leah Sheely San Francisco 1968 H.T.
Cisco & Christina Lastra Daily City 1967 H.T.
Michael Muramoto Fremont 1970 H.T.
Joe Rossi Napa 1969 GTO
John Mitchell Suisun City 1969 GTO
Vince & Donna Learn San Lorenzo 1967 Lemans Convertible
Robert & Rebecca Clevenger Livermore 1965 GTO & Tempest Convertible & H.T.
Rick Guaglardo San Jose 1964 Convertible
Mike Marcal San Francisco 1969 H.T. & 1968 Convertible
Jesus & Ricky Delgado Redwood City 1971 GTO 4-spd
James Long San Jose 1965 H.T.
Andrew Cogill Sunnyvale 1965 4-spd, tri-power
Evan Topal San Francisco 1967 H.T.
Dave Herrera San Pablo 1969 GTO
Robert Trujillo San Jose 1964 GTO Convertible
Herb Howell Berkeley 1967 H.T.
Jim Zaumseil Walnut Creek 1965 H.T.
Matt Harrison San Francisco 1966 H.T.
Scott Hill  San Jose 1970 H.T.
Mike Haberski Sebastopol 1967 H.T.
Sonny Scheper San Jose 1964 Tempest